Welcome to Cactus Clean-Up Namibia

The fastest and most effective way to do it is to get active ! All residents together should take out their rakes and cardboard boxes and uproot every single cactus where ever we spot it. Each eradicated cactus buried under several meters of building rubble can not multiply any more. We prefer to employ a job-seeking worker to do the work, we find them at the street side everywhere.
And this is exactly what the founders Friedhelm & Gunhild are doing with their Cactus Clean-Up initiative, they prefer to employ job-seeking workers to do the work, and for this they pay them N$150.00 per day
Cactus Clean-Up supply them with tools, sandwiches, water, coffee and take them
home after work.
We all have to take the responsibility for the environment into our own hands, no one does it for us. All sorts of invasive cacti are taking over the entire environment in Namibia and it's spreading throughout the country at an incredibly rapid pace. These alien plants can hurt and kill wildlife and domestic animals. We will end with impenetrable cactus thicket deserts taking over our habitat. If we want to prevent an entire collapse of our own vegetation, we together have to handle this problem urgently.
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