Welcome to Cactus Clean-Up Namibia

Welcome to CactusClean-Up Namibia
We all have to take responsibility for our environment into our own hands, no one does it for us!
All sorts of invasive cacti and other damaging plants are taking over the habitat of our Namibian vegetation and they are spreading countrywide at an incredible rapid pace. These alien plants can hurt and kill wildlife and domestic animals. We will end with impenetrable cactus thickets that can be used as strongholds by robbers only.
If we want to prevent an entire collapse of our own vegetation, we together have to handle this problem urgently.
The fastest and most effective way to do it is to get active physically. All residents should take their rakes and cardboard boxes to pull out every single cactus wherever it is spotted. Each uprooted plant buried under several meters of building rubble at a City of Windhoek landfill site can not multiply anymore.
If someone prefers to pay workers to do the job, experienced job-seeking "cactus fighters" can be found at the street side everywhere. With our CactusClean-Up initiative, we, Friedhelm and Gunhild, try to make ends meet. As far as donations are available we offer workers from the street side N$200.00 for a day's work. From our own pocket we supply them with tools, sandwiches, coffee and water and take them home at the end of the day.

Participate to pay workers from the streetside to remove damaging invasive plants at N$ 200.- per day:

Bank Windhoek
Account 8005224758
Please e-mail name, address and proof of donation to

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